Tell me and I forget…
Teach me and I remember…
Involve me and I will learn. – Benjamin Franklin
Your brand should be TOUCHED


TOUCH is a “thinking beyond traditional” company that puts our clients’ products and brands in the hands, mouths, and minds of consumers in the most unique ways possible. See what we’ve done and explore what we can do for your brand.


Street Teams

Take your brand to the streets in the most creative ways. (more…)


Your event, ours, or a little in between.  (more…)


If your product must be tried or tasted to be believed, (more…)


True activation calls for more than a publicity stunt. (more…)


It’s all about the money!  (more…)


Sponsorship dollars are rare and far between. (more…)

Culture Engagement

Need to get your fans to rally? (more…)

Crowd Sourcing

Don’t just guess what your consumers are thinking – knowledge is power! (more…)

Data Collection

So you’ve drawn a crowd….now what? (more…)


scissors.yellow-iconsCUT THROUGH THE CLUTTER

Captivating crowds of consumers, allowing them to experience, taste, touch, laugh, and engage with the brand or product, the experiential approach connects with the audience and cuts through the clutter of the highly saturated media sphere.


Directly connect your customers to your product or service through innovative and interactive live events. Engage the audience on an emotional level by creating a captivating story that your patrons will pass along, allowing you to take advantage of the most powerful media vehicle – word of mouth.

tools.yellow-iconsUSE UNIQUE SET OF TOOLS

Experiential redefines traditional marketing. Forget about coupons and build your following while providing experiences. Resonate with your audience, foster the community and take advantage of new social metrics.

95yellow-icons95% of consumer respondents stated that participating in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products being promoted.

71yellow-icons71% of consumers felt more positive about the company, brand or product following their event experience.

8yellow-iconsBrands’ event and experiential marketing budgets grew by almost 8% in 2012.

58yellow-icons58% of consumers said they purchased the product or service after the event.





Jenn Greacen

Strategy Director

15 years of Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Building Experience. Jenn is a forward thinker asking Why before Figuring out How. Never afraid to challenge our team to the most extreme activation and stunts while always ensuring the primary goal aligns with the ultimate final strategy.

Monica Varner

Event Operations

Monica has developed a reputation for planning and executing premiere events, providing excellent client service and responsiveness, and delivering the most value for the money spent — no matter what the budget. She has received rave reviews from local media for her role in planning events for the Gasparilla International Film Festival and her service as chair for The Taste Of South Tampa.

Ferdian Jap

Brand Experience Manager

Ferdian has considerable experience in business and strategic development for both for-profit and non-profit enterprises and has been instrumental in the formulation and organizational development of several private-public partnerships and projects.

Nancy Vaughn

Public Relations

Communications expert, frequently called on by media outlets for her PR/business knowledge, coaching and industry connections. Nancy was selected as’s Best PRs of 2011 while her PR tips have been seen in the PR News Media Training Guidebook, Vol. 5, AOL and The Agency Post.

Joe Russo

Visual Director

20 years of Film and Photography Direction Joe ensures all brand activation is captured and shared allowing the campaign to live on through social sharing and web content to extend the effectiveness and maximize results.


Clear Labs

Clear Labs
CLEAR Labs is a fully transparent marketing solutions and consulting hybrid between the agency who holds you hostage and the freelancer you don’t have time to manage. From Designers to Developers, Video Producers to Digital Marketing Experts we hold the key to the best and brightest resources with our ultra creative, always innovating, co-working lab. It’s part of the Colabr8 movement believing in a more open work environment, uninhibited creative and a team customized for you. Everything under one roof. Collaborating together. With no fluff in-between. Just results.

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Big City Events is a Special Events planning company specializing in large scale festivals and out of the ordinary events. From a 10,000 person festival, to lighting up a river with 10,000 floating LED balls, to transforming a downtown street block into a 10,000 square foot driving range… Big City Events can make every concept into a reality.

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Nationally Award winning, full-service video production and photography studio capturing your message in an engaging display for on-screen, online and social viewing.


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